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Headquartered in New Braunfels

The city of New Braunfels, Texas has grown dramatically over the last decade. The population almost doubled since the 2000 census and gave opportunities for many local businesses to thrive. There has been much changed since its founding in 1845 by German settlers. It is considered a unique city halfway between San Antonio and Austin. The area has one of the largest water parks The United States and has seen much growth in commerce. Most of the houses that have been built in the area are fairly new. But with the increase in population surging so quickly there is a high demand for homes in the area. Usually, the homes that are preferred a are a bit older. Real estate companies do fairly well in the area selling fix up style homes. Most of those homes were built around the mid-to-late the 80s and are still considered fairly stout structure wise. But one of the concerns is whether or not these homes are conservative for energy. Dollar Energy Solutions launched in New Braunfels with hopes of helping many of these families out to cut costs on their electric and gas heating bills.

The company has had some great progress in the last three years alone. It has saved just about 500 residents a little more than $600,000 in its start of operations. Preston Fontenot is the founder of the company and explains that they have also expanded services to Austin and San Antonio bringing in another 1200 residents home for inspections.

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Keeping Texas Cold during the Long Summers

Texas is very popular for its warmer months in particular April through October. Most people in the areas in South Dallas all the way to the tip of Texas can always count on days in April feeling much like August again. With the fluctuating costs of electrical services air-conditioning, a home can get quite expensive with six and sometimes up to nine months of days passing the mid-80s on the thermometer. Texas has its fair share of the sun for the better part of the year. There is also the wind factor that can carry heat through the installation of many homes. The air leaks seem to be a very popular situation and condition for older homes that were built before the Energy Star compliancy's were necessary for building material.

A great example of this would be insulation put in walls that deteriorate and lose their function. There have been many changes as to how the fabric is made for insulation. It is very frustrating to turn the air conditioner on for the 18 hours the sun may shine especially during summer days in Texas. The electricity bills tend to fluctuate in price to two energy companies having policies about kilowatts being used. Though many advocacy groups have complained the energy commission still has claims that they have no say in this. Preston Fontenot is the proud owner of Dollar Energy Solutions in New Braunfels, Texas. Dollar Energy Solutions offers consultations that can save many households thousands of dollars per decade in energy costs.

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Mastering The Real Estate Market

It's important to be educated before trying to build wealth through real estate investing. Gauging the market can minimize the risk of failure or loss. Before you start investing in real estate, it is imperative that you understand a few important concepts.  First off you must create a strong foundation that your real estate investing endeavors can stand upon. This assures that your business can weather the storms of the future. Find ways to build a strong foundation to maximize the odds of your success.


As a first time investor, your first purchase shouldn't be well above your means. It is very important that you don't pay too much and that you invest in the right kind of property. Real estate investing can be profitable but also has some real drawbacks. Number one, you must count on holding costs. In many areas after you add up taxes and insurance it can cost 3-5%/yr to simply own a piece of property.


Secondly, there is liability risk. It doesn't matter what your lease says, any person who in injured on your property can sue you for injury and damages, which means you need a lot of insurance to protect yourself - at least $2 million.


Preston Fontenot has worked in many areas including real estate, and therefore knowledge in vast array of investment projects. He makes sure to do his due diligence in whatever investment he gets involved in. He works hand-in-hand with his partners, keeping them posted on every decision.


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Diversification: the Key to Financial Security Over the Long Term

Investment brokers and financial experts preach diversification to their clients and anyone else who will listen because it mitigates potential damages over time. When investors put too much into a particular sector, that sector could make or break them. Investors don’t want to be married to any particular wrinkle of the market; they want their fingers in many sauces at once to minimize their risk and maximize their profit potential. Diversification does this by spreading out the cost and value of various stocks and commodities throughout the market. It’s essentially a “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” approach. Different sectors in the overall marketplace have a habit of rising and falling quickly. By spreading investment dollars around to as many different sectors as possible, you can avoid the most damaging effects of a sector crash. 
Investors tell their clients to be patient for a reason. Long term profits and security are hard-won and take a long time of planning and gradual buys and sells across several different sectors to avoid getting creamed by a downturn. This simple concept has saved the careers of many investors and brokers and has kept many clients out of trouble over the years. This is why all investors know now to keep their clients away from putting too much faith in one particular sector.
Preston Fontenot works with many clients to develop diverse portfolios designed to stay away from putting all of their eggs in one basket and allow them more flexibility over the long term. He is a former member of the professional real estate community.

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Investment Tip: Be Cautious, but not too Cautious

Investing is like a dance, you have to be flexible and willing to change, but you also have to be patient and willing to stick it out with your partner. Wise investors find rising markets and pour their funds into them to reap the highest profit for themselves and their clients, but they don’t hold their money there forever. The key is to know when to get out of a fast-rising market before it crashes. There is danger in this, of course, because being too careful in this situation can cause investors to lose out of major profits while they’re running and hiding. Good investors recognize unsustainable growth, that’s why the best investors got out of the real estate market before it inevitably toppled in 2008, and that’s why the best investors got out of the stock market in 2000 when it was ballooning from the dot-com bubble. This is the art of high-stakes investment. When you’re in a rising market, invest, ride the wave and count your profits, but if you know it’s unsustainable, start thinking about divestment before the well runs dry.
The best investors attempt to read the future in their investments. They try to see where the markets are going before they take the plunge one way or the other. The stock market rising to record highs generally isn’t sustainable, if history has taught us anything, so the smart investor will invest for months and then start to divest if he smells fire. 
Preston Fontenot is one of these talented investors who isn’t afraid to divest from profitable markets before the winds shift. He is also a business owner and small business consultant.